Funny Games from Kimberly Rendon on Vimeo.

Pop Pistol in the Studio from Kimberly Rendon on Vimeo.


We are recording a new record this winter. it consist of much magic and many ideas that predict the future and give glimpses into the inside spirit that remains un touched by air and time. We are producing it in layers that stack and subtract to be fit again like jenga with music. the songs are in no order yet

-i only xes colors new years nothing coyote moving know ghosts mirrors fist fight funny circuits shadow girl xes strings talk see foggy no apache talk phasing saturn-

The songs are synthesized with corresponding environments and animals that play and fight and dance with the 6 minute moments that we drop our self into.

with the help of modern technology that the internet provides and access to information and 1s and 0s we will create this album with our own hands using $0- only time  and mb and magnetic fields and vibrating  voice coils:) it will all become clearer as we progress. check in often to find out more!


End of spring update :

We are deep inside the project now. For the first half of the year it has been hanging in the air like a magnetic fog that spreads time and holds heavy against our collective heart minds. Our limitations have fueled us to find secret ways out of the forrest we planted for ourselves. When it started I knew the concepts of what i wanted to do but i don’t know the praxis of what creating a record entails. theres words and spaces and frequencies and harmonics and meter and power and so much more. I want to put a alchemy of things inside the record. sub bass harmonics, ultrasonic healing , animal resonance, electronic sine waves, square wave distortion, radio transmissions, transposed hearts of stars, saturn whistles , tuned hum of earth, bird flutters, whale throats, purrs , breath, visual clues, spread fractal time. cracking trees to name a few. But in the end its three people with instruments trying to do more.

Fall 2012 :

The record is complete and being released today, October 26 in San Antonio, TX. This video is the final chapter of the recording process. Enjoy.

Making Animal Prisms from Kimberly Rendon on Vimeo.